"The Mulcher"

 Your No-Till or Conventional Hardpan Solution

The "MULCHER" is an all season tillage implement designed to improve soil condition with the potential to increase profits for farmers.



There are many varied ideas on what compaction is or what compaction does.  University studies show that in most cases consistent traffic patterns in a field will create a compact zone of soil that will, Decrease root penetration, moisture, nutrient absorption and increase erosion due to water run off.

Compaction zones vary but normally start at 11-12 inches and are usually about 2 inches in depth.  Allowing penetration just below this zone with a "MULCHER" will counteract the negative effects of compaction on yield potential.

The "MULCHER" is designed to fight compaction and leave maximum residue ground cover. Some soils are naturally compacted. Rainfall and even livestock can compact soils sometimes worse than wheel traffic. But the main cause continues to be heavy equipment. The heavier the equipment, the deeper the compaction.

In subsoiling, implements are pulled behind tractors to break up hardpans (compacted soils) under the top layer of soil. Hardpans can cause plant roots to grow sideways and prevent water from penetrating more deeply into the ground . This ultimately can lead to reduced yields. Cotton, soybeans, wheat, grain sorghum and corn are crops that benefit from subsoiling. The reason for this is roots tend to grow deeper after subsoiling. Thus, the greater the root spread the greater the access to nutrients.

Subsoiling can help farmers during dry summers, due to the fact that the plant can penetrate to greater depths after using the "MULCHER". Thus, reaching the moisture that has been stored deeper in the ground. After crops are harvested, farmers should test their field with a soil probe or a shovel to determine if they have compact layers under the surface. The best time to check for compaction and to do something about it is after the crops have been harvested, but before fall rains.

DaleSales handles only the "MULCHER", by Agri-products, Inc., York, NE. He stands behind the "MULCHER", stating that a farmer using one has the potential to increase profits by decreasing energy requirements, conserving water and nutrient absorption and minimizing erosion--all major concerns for farmers.

DaleSales has machines to lease, buy or lease-purchase. As for service on the machines, one call takes care of it.  "If there is a need for parts, I will take them right out." We also will deliver and hook up the machine and even take it to the field for the customer to be sure it is working properly.


Dale & Jackie Niehus, owners of DaleSales, Fairmont, OK, are celebrating their 24th year in business.


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